Friday, 16 August 2013

Summer Art Club with Day Job Studio

The other weekend I went up to London with Fraser, and on the way we stopped at Peckham. We were on route to Nandos in Camberwell where we ate our body weight in chicken and spicy rice, but we managed to stop over at Peckham Space!
It was lucky because Day Job illustration (whom I mentioned in my previous blog post) happened to be holding a little event at the Peckham Space.
It was called "Summer Art Club" - a free programme of art related fun designed by Day Job and inspired by the fast food outlets in Peckham. I also got to see the famous giant inflatable Digestive System which I had only read about on the internet prior to this...

I managed to convince Fraser to dress up in some of the food outfits on display! He makes a cute watermelon...

The inflatable digestive system blown up just for us! It was awesome!

Once inside it had lots of different 3D parts to show the digestive system in the human body aswell as some cute teeth lying around :) really awesome example of interactive illustration!

Another look at that watermelon costume...they also had a chicken drumstick one too, however it was too little for us to try on :(

Some giant fast food sculptures!

Aside from the art work, there was also an opportunity for kids to join in and make their own illustration on a table with the Day Job team.

They were given worksheets and made fast food themed hats and plate designs which then went on display in the studio space. It looked like a lot of fun and I wish we had stayed to make a few pieces ourselves but we were so hungry and didn't stay long :3

There was also an opportunity to buy some of Day Job's work - most of which was food themed and set up like a cute little restaurant - wish I'd brought some cash with me!

Charlotte Mei's toast and pizza sculpture pieces - some of my favourites.

It wasn't just Fraser who got to be a watermelon :3 check me out.

And I also was lucky enough to be allowed on the inflatable digestive system!

I felt like such a kid :3 can you tell?
This event is only open til the 18th of August so if you can, get down there asap before it ends.


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