Sunday, 29 December 2013

Busy Busy Busy...

I've been promising myself for weeks and months that I would write again in this blog - I'm quite good at making plans - but not always as good at completing them. I noticed that I hadn't updated since August too (guilty).
I went back to university in September/October time, and have been busy with coursework ever since. Obviously I expected to be busy, but not quite this busy...
Aswell as having lots of university related stuff going on, it was also Christmas! Whether you like Christmas or not, all non holiday related plans/routines seem to go out the window.

Can you spot three cats in this photo? :3 The cats in our house are crazy about Christmas. Our family have always bought the pets a present or two, and the cats have a tradition of finding their presents under the tree!
Anyway, two days after Christmas is my birthday (my 21st birthday to be precise!), complete with lots of eating out, going out and all the rest.

That aside I was ill for an entire week during December, closely followed by everyone I know. I'm pretty sure everyone in England got ill this month. It was pretty crappy; both me and Fraser got ill on the same day - we woke up Sunday morning feeling dizzy and sick, and struggled to eat or drink anything for the next seven days :/ woop. My plans for Christmas to catch up on some to-do lists totally went in the bin following this...

Anyway I have alot to write about including the work I've been making which I intend to post about over the next couple of weeks, so if anyone is still up for reading my blog keep an eye out!


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