Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sequence and Narration Project

Our third project of the year was Sequence and Narrative, and was led by the illustrator Nick White. We were given the task of "creating a wordless narrative image sequence using misunderstanding as a starting point". The story also was only allowed two colours, not including the paper colour. Lots of rules!
Whilst I had been looking forward to this project I wasn't all that keen on the wordless concept, and I also didn't like having to make my story about a misunderstanding. Nonetheless, I got on with it -
Seeing as this project took place around Halloween, I wanted to make my story colour black and orange with a horror element. So I wrote the story centering around the plot of a girl in her bed at night, hearing strange sounds and seeing scary shadows...that in the end turn out to be a little cat.
The book cover happened to be the cats face! Naturally of course :) And along with the book came some little clay figurines I made of the characters in the story...They were not part of the project but I enjoyed making them and submitted them along with my project when we handed in all our work.

The book was rather hard to get made - I printed it at home with a home printer, which as many people know is a mistake. They break down all the time and are pretty unreliable. Somehow I managed to print out the book....
The pages inside were printed on faded yellow for a nice gothic touch :)
 And I also had a little go at pop up the climactic point half way through the book you pull back the curtains to reveal the cat at the girls bedroom window. I had alot of trouble getting the curtains to stick to the paper properly, and to fit the window frame, but in the end it worked!

And for anyone who would like to see each illustration from the book, I've posted them up here.
Although I must mention - the pop up parts such as the curtain scene are not viewable on here for now, but in the future I will likely upload some kind of interactive version. Enjoy for now :)

The end :)

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Unit 6 Communication and Persuasion Project

By far, I would say this was the project that I worked the most hardest on. I hadn't exactly intended to, and when I first read the brief for the project I was not very happy about it. The brief asked us to "Develop a piece of work that engages an audience and encourages people to think and act differently, become a visual activist." For alot of people this might sound like fun, but I'm quite introverted and this seemed like my idea of hell at the time.
Anyway, I got on with it. I came up with the idea of a 'Generosity Pledge' - a campaign to get people to be more generous and to take part in acts of kindness. I started off by getting some cardboard from work and building some 3D letters....I had to drive this bulk of cardboard home in my car, and the car smelt of Mcdonalds for months after this!
Making these letters involved printing out giant letters, cutting them out on cardboard and gluing/taping them into 3D shapes. This was harder than I thought it was going to be, as I had to try to get the thickness of the letters the same throughout. Once I had done this I used paper mache to make the letters appear solid. It was so time consuming... I felt like I was going a bit brain dead by the time I had finished the word 'Pledge'. 
With the letters finally made and painted in the uniform green I used through the project (after at least two sleepless nights) I was able to present them in public - Peckham and Camberwell to be precise!
 You may have noticed the bear in one of these pictures....I decided for my campaign I would have a mascot - The Generosity Bear! 
Hes a cute little brown bear with pink cheeks and big eyes. He wears a green hat with a badge on, that says 'Generosity Bear'. As a mascot, he was there to represent the campaign and make it more fun :)
My friend Eleni with The Generosity Bear outside Camberwell...I had hoped to take photos of him with loads of different people, friends and strangers, but being introverted, I chickened out ><
That aside, The Generosity Bear had an important role in my posters for the campaign:
Poster Campaign One:
Poster Campaign Two:
Once I designed these two posters on my laptop, I screen printed them at university and began to distribute them in the public, again in the streets of Camberwell and Peckham.
After my poster making, I decided I wanted to make some more promotional pieces and merchandise for the campaign to spread around. I started off with designing a set of badges.
And then I moved on to making outdoor-usable stickers with the same set of designs.

Aswell as merchandise, the brief hinted that we should get the public involved in the campaign somehow. I came up with the idea of a 'Good Deed Card' - a card given to the public suggesting a good deed they should do that day. All the cards had different good deed suggestions on them, and I would leave in public places or hand them out as part of the campaign.
 You may or may not have noticed but I tried keeping a small colour scheme throughout the campaign - this made it not only easier, but made the colours unique and recognisable to the campaign itself. With this in mind, I made a set of cards that I left on tables and in phone booths...
 And last but not least...I made a little bit more merchandise...including a tshirt and a canvas bag! The tshirt I happened to wear on the day I had to present this project - I felt like I belonged to a charity.

So I had to make all this in just over a week. I was exhausted. I sometimes still feel like I haven't recovered from this project. Nonetheless it went down pretty well at university!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Unit 6 Visual Problem Solving Project

Like I mentioned previously I said I would write several posts about the work I've done at university since October. To start off, our first project of the 2nd year was a Visual Problem Solving project that took place over 10 days. The project was led by Robert Nichol who is also our 2nd year lecturer and a really good editorial illustrator! (
The project brief asked us to read a publication "The World of Interiors" and to come up with illustrations to go alongside the text in an article for the publication. The illustrations we would go ahead to make would have to fit into either a horizontal format of 120mm (H) x 216mm (W) or a vertical format of 120mm (W) x 279mm (H). As I am quite fussy, I decided to make two different illustrations to fit both formats.

My horizontal illustration:
My vertical illustration:

As you might have guessed the publication was about the Renaissance! Hence the themes in the illustration...I also went for paint as my media to fit in with the theme of the publication. Anyhow - out of the two graphics I made I think the horizontal one is the most successful, although I must say this definitely was not my favourite project of the 2nd year so far. Like most people in my class I didnt really find the publication/topic all that interesting...but nevermind, I got through it. The projects that followed this one were much more exciting :)

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