Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sequence and Narration Project

Our third project of the year was Sequence and Narrative, and was led by the illustrator Nick White. We were given the task of "creating a wordless narrative image sequence using misunderstanding as a starting point". The story also was only allowed two colours, not including the paper colour. Lots of rules!
Whilst I had been looking forward to this project I wasn't all that keen on the wordless concept, and I also didn't like having to make my story about a misunderstanding. Nonetheless, I got on with it -
Seeing as this project took place around Halloween, I wanted to make my story colour black and orange with a horror element. So I wrote the story centering around the plot of a girl in her bed at night, hearing strange sounds and seeing scary shadows...that in the end turn out to be a little cat.
The book cover happened to be the cats face! Naturally of course :) And along with the book came some little clay figurines I made of the characters in the story...They were not part of the project but I enjoyed making them and submitted them along with my project when we handed in all our work.

The book was rather hard to get made - I printed it at home with a home printer, which as many people know is a mistake. They break down all the time and are pretty unreliable. Somehow I managed to print out the book....
The pages inside were printed on faded yellow for a nice gothic touch :)
 And I also had a little go at pop up the climactic point half way through the book you pull back the curtains to reveal the cat at the girls bedroom window. I had alot of trouble getting the curtains to stick to the paper properly, and to fit the window frame, but in the end it worked!

And for anyone who would like to see each illustration from the book, I've posted them up here.
Although I must mention - the pop up parts such as the curtain scene are not viewable on here for now, but in the future I will likely upload some kind of interactive version. Enjoy for now :)

The end :)


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