Sunday, 5 January 2014

Unit 6 Visual Problem Solving Project

Like I mentioned previously I said I would write several posts about the work I've done at university since October. To start off, our first project of the 2nd year was a Visual Problem Solving project that took place over 10 days. The project was led by Robert Nichol who is also our 2nd year lecturer and a really good editorial illustrator! (
The project brief asked us to read a publication "The World of Interiors" and to come up with illustrations to go alongside the text in an article for the publication. The illustrations we would go ahead to make would have to fit into either a horizontal format of 120mm (H) x 216mm (W) or a vertical format of 120mm (W) x 279mm (H). As I am quite fussy, I decided to make two different illustrations to fit both formats.

My horizontal illustration:
My vertical illustration:

As you might have guessed the publication was about the Renaissance! Hence the themes in the illustration...I also went for paint as my media to fit in with the theme of the publication. Anyhow - out of the two graphics I made I think the horizontal one is the most successful, although I must say this definitely was not my favourite project of the 2nd year so far. Like most people in my class I didnt really find the publication/topic all that interesting...but nevermind, I got through it. The projects that followed this one were much more exciting :)


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