Sunday, 2 February 2014

Digital & Screen Based Imagemaking Project

So for the last project before Christmas 2013, we had to complete the Digital and Screen Based Imagemaking Project. In other words - animation - which happened to be an area of illustration I more or less had never ever worked in and certainly knew very little about.
For this project our guest lecturer was Robert Grieves (, who has worked on some pretty awesome animation as well as working as the Senior Animator for the 2012 Olympics ceremony.
To start off the project we were given a Loop Task - to create a looping animation in approximately 10 frames or more.

 Just a few things we were shown! All quite important ~~

 With a little knowledge on creating animation and stop motion, we were given the go ahead to start making our loop animations. We were advised to remain within this frame:

 Using the idea I had for a loop animation - a girl swinging round and round on a swing - I put together a storyboard to get a feel for the animation sequence.

 Then, using tracing paper we were able draw frames as accurately as possible to prevent the animation from jumping about, and to make the frames flow more smoothly. In total, I used around 14 frames, and the entire process of drawing them up took a couple of hours! Its quite a long process..

Once the frames were all scanned in, they were put together in Windows Movie Maker with the appropriate frame speed and then finished into a loop animation clip -->

This tiny clip took a whole day! But that was just the start of the project. With this mini loop animation complete, we had to begin in the next one - which had to be of a higher standard, complete with sound too, and had to center around the theme of 'light'.
 So I began by making yet another storyboard:
With this storyboard, I followed the theme of 'light' by telling the story of a character in the rain with an umbrella, and over time the weather changes to light and the rain stops. The character proceeds to put away their umbrella, before the rain suddenly starts again, and they put back up their umbrella. And it all begins again - a loop :)
 So I began to develop the character through sketches and doodling...I decided quite early on that I wanted the character to be cute and child-friendly, aswell as simple enough to draw for an animation.
Simple enough and rather cute I think :) I made sure she had boots and a raincoat too. As well as the character, I also had to develop setting. Like with the character, it needed to be as simple as possible to make the animation process quicker and easier.
A simple setting, and a contrast of light and dark for the weather!
So with my setting and character designed, I had to begin developing animation sequences to make the animation work. I started off with getting the rain sequence put together, which happened to be alot more difficult than I thought. In the end I spent a whole day on it...
 The rain sequence although hard, was not as hard as making the umbrella sequence - movement is tricky! I had to keep referring back to my storyboard....

So yes, you might have guessed animation is quite hard :( But I eventually completed the project and with sound too! In the end I uploaded it to the internet and here is the complete version :


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