Sunday, 23 February 2014

"Little Pet" for Little Draw

Its Spring and I'm currently working on a children's book at university, but I still have quite a few projects that I haven't blogged about since I finished them. This one in particular wasn't planned, and happened by lucky accident when I was interviewing practitioners for my Summer research Project last year.

I got in touch with a two ladies known as 'Little Draw' who did a lecture at my university last year, and met up with one of them during the Summer in Peckham for an interview. During this interview, they were kind enough to ask me to do a 12 part series for their product, the 'Little Printer'.
Looks pretty cute right? :) <3 Some of you might have heard of it, it's been in a few tech magazines here and there,  but for anyone who doesn't know about this watch this video:
Its a cute mini printer run by BERG which delivers a drawing game every Saturday, and is compatible with iphone too. I was really excited and a little overwhelmed to be part of this - but I got to work and ended up on their website:
For the project, I came up with the 'Little Pet', a cute tiny guy who is delivered to you every Saturday. He begins as a tiny egg and through the series is part of a variety of scenes and settings which you interact with in drawing based games.

I kind of miss drawing the Little Pet! He was printed on the Little Printer last Autumn, but I may one day bring him out to play again in a different environment like a kids book. He was also my first digital character and was created with Sai Paint Tool - really great program and personally recommended for anyone who wants to try out digital image making!


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