Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Mcdonald's Illustration

I know I say this alot...but oh my have I been busy. I graduate from my degree this summer, and depending on how well I do will govern the rest of my life so I've been working really hard. I haven't got a huge amount of time to write about the things I've been making, but once I finish university this summer I will be writing about it! For now, I am going to talk about some illustration work I did for Mcdonald's a few months ago.
I designed a series of uniform guides for the staff of a chain of McDonald's Restaurants in the south east (all owned by the same franchise). I was really worried about whether they'd like my style of illustration, but they were really pleased, and have mentioned that they possibly will want me to make another one for Managers position!

I got paid in vodka for this job - and I was happy :)


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