Monday, 12 May 2014

The Bear Hug Book

Its that time of year where I am exhausted and yet constantly on the move the entire time that I am awake (and asleep in some cases) as I prepare for the end of term...this time however its rather important - possibly as important as when I was first applying to get into university in the first place! But I will talk about this more later :)
For now, please enjoy my most recent completed project at university - the competition brief - in which I created a children's storybook called 'The Bear Hug'.
front cover

page one and two page three and four
page five and six page seven and eight page nine and ten page eleven and twelve page thirteen and fourteen page fifteen and sixteen page seventeen and eighteen page nineteen and twenty page twenty one and twenty two page twenty three and twenty four page twenty five and twenty six page twenty seven and twenty eight page twenty nine and thirty
If you would like to view any of these illustrations in a larger higher res format please visit my flickr portfolio! -->


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