Sunday, 1 June 2014

Forest Baby Book

Its almost two weeks since I finished all my coursework and handed everything in at university - feels like forever ago. I spent the majority of the weekend working to get as much done as possible, then got up early on the Monday where I worked all day until 3am. I was as you might have guessed, utterly exhausted, but managed to get myself up at 5am to hand in my work at university for 10am! We had to hand in everything, sign a form and give a presentation, which was pretty embarrassing as presentations usually are, but once the day was over I went straight home and fell asleep at 6pm....didn't wake up again til 8.30am the next day. I don't think I've ever worked so hard in all my life, but its all over for now!
I pick up my work later on this week as they finish marking it soon, so looking forward to the results that come out later this month? Hmm. 
Well anyway - this is the final major project I have been working on. When I get my work back from university I'll have to scan in some of my sketchbook work, but for now here are the finished images. Its a children's picture book called 'Forest Baby', based on my research of the woods undertaken this Spring :)


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