Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Trip to Suffolk

On the same day I graduated I was due to go on holiday to Suffolk with Fraser, I knew I'd be really tired and maybe a little grouchy...but even after a really busy, hot day I managed to go on my holiday! We really needed some time off :o
We stayed in a converted barn, which was really beautiful! It was really hot weather, and we struggled to keep cool....Fraser spent alot of time taking photos of things, and me :)
Fraser and I really like animals, and so as per usual for our holidays/trips, we do alot of animal based things....we've been to more zoos/animal sanctuaries/petting zoos than I can count. This time we went to a particularly awesome zoo called Banham Zoo.
Possibly one of the best zoos we've been to! They had animals from all over the world, everything from big cats, zebras, giraffes down to rare donkeys and farm yard animals.
We get quite excited about seeing goats whenever we go to places like this :3 this goat was only a baby and made it his goal to keep headbutting me.
Fraser with his camera at the bird sanctuary we went to :) He kept getting really hot in the sun so we had to keep buying him ice lollies to cool down !
Lots of birds of prey! And some very naughty birds who refused to fly during the flying show...
We also got to see a really good meerkat enclosure..... Fraser spent alot of time taking photos of these little guys...who were also just as naughty as the birds of prey. They did alot of rolling around and play fighting.
When we got back from our holiday, we decided we wanted to do some more animal based days out as we had enjoyed it rather alot (we always do). So we went to my local bird sanctuary which is just up the road from my house - Eagle Heights.
We were lucky enough to hold some birds of prey too!
Wow this feels like such a long time ago now....
It was such a hot summer, and to think how cool its suddenly become. I got a little burned this year on my arms which is quite unusual for me. It must've been hot :)


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