Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Holiday to Copenhagen, Denmark

My second trip of this summer was to Copenhagen, Denmark. Much like Hungary, this was a place I'd never been before, and I've always wanted to visit Scandinavia, so this was really exciting for me! 
The flight and hotel were pretty cheap, but everything else was super expensive so we tried to ration our money. 
On the first day we arrived, we went to the National Museum which was free to enter and also happy to store our suitcases (as we hadn't checked in to our hotel yet).
The museum was really interesting - probably my favourite out of all the museums I've visited all summer. It featured a Viking exhibition which I enjoyed alot - always liked Viking stuff but you don't really learn much about it in the UK so this was a first for me.
Viking bangles...and Viking braids chopped off to show commitment to the Gods. A tad creepy ;)
Big Rune Stones - classic Viking and beautiful patterns :)
Beautiful Viking metal piece....the design on it was very intricate and featured the faces of Viking gods and warriors.
Some combs made from bone (I think?). These seemed to be in every museum I've been to lately.
I particularly liked these little animal objects. From what I could read in the museum, I believe they were used as weights in working out trade and payment.
In the other part of the museum they had many Catholic objects on display, which as you might have guessed were gold and stunning..My grandma would've loved this (she was very Catholic!).
I also enjoyed the traditional Danish exhibition which featured really pretty European folk pieces, such as this doll.
And these shoes :) check out that bonnet! I'd love to wear....but I have a feeling I'd get beaten up on the tube.
Besides the museum, we did alot of walking around the streets and the waterside to pass the time. This was all fine and dandy but it was made 10x more exhausting by the fact that Scandinavia was experiencing a one off heatwave - it was easily about 30C for the majority of the trip and holy shit was it hot.
Beautiful Nyhavn! Great place to chill out by the waterside. There were lots of restaurants, we had Thai takeaway at least twice here.
A guard parading about at what I think was a government building.
The famed 'Little Mermaid' statue. Even in the evening when we visited this it was literally swarming with tourists (mostly Chinese ones). Very popular place.
At night! Lots of places to drink and hang out. Just a shame it was so expensive to do anything. People spent alot of time jumping in the water and sunbathing on the edge.
Our hotel was pretty near Tivoli Gardens - a sort of theme park with pretty things to do and look at :)
Tivoli Gardens was very much a toyland....and it was exceptionally busy with families.
On our last full day we took the train to Roskilde, which is the town with a well known Viking Museum and fjords.
They had alot of Viking boats to look at! 
They also were doing Viking crafts, such as iron smelting, rope making, basket weaving and jewellery making.
Inside the museum itself they had an original Viking boat found at the site on display. It was rather large!
As an extra, we paid to take part in a special sailing activity....We got to sail in the fjord in a Viking boat!
Woo :)
It was rather alot of fun! The water was full of jellyfish, but we got to sail on the wind and then row back to shore.
The sailing was definitely my favourite part of the trip, and I'd go again to Scandinavia but I think next time I might try Norway or perhaps Finland!
Anyway, next time I will be talking about my third and final trip of the summer so see you again :)


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