Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Autumn, winter....

Alot has happened since September when I last posted! All mostly good things, the last six months have been relatively smooth (compared to the six months before that). I was totally knackered and way over-stressed for the first half of 2014 and I definitely wasn't prepared to continue that. So for starters I quit my job of five and a half years.
Not for any bad reasons - my last pay review was really positive and I enjoyed the friendships I had made over time - but I knew this year at university was going to be super busy, and my job was quite stressful and tiring by itself. I didn't want to add to the trauma of studying AND applying for my postgraduate next year, so that's that.

Work aside, I've also done some nice enjoyable things - like going to Thorpe Park and dressing up for Halloween (which I haven't done for a long time)! Like I mentioned, the last six months have been fairly pleasant, so I've just been trying to get a nice balance of work and leisure. I don't think I mastered it very well last year at university - it was just work work work - which is obviously not good for anyone. I also have my suspicions this may have triggered my food intolerances that appeared out of nowhere at the beginning of 2014, but who knows for certain.
At the end of the summer we got chickens, which also equates to one of the nice things thats happened in the second half of 2014! They're all different colours and styles, but the one in the picture however is called Gertie and she exclusively lays white eggs. Obviously we are keeping them as pets rather than animals to eat, but we are definitely enjoying their eggs for breakfast :)
As I said, I am doing a postgraduate next year which is one of the reasons I quit my job. I will be doing a PGCE for one year. I will explain more about this in another post, but for now all I can say is I've had to start studying for it before it's even begun. Just to be accepted onto a course you have to pass a literacy and a numeracy exam (aswell as already have good GCSES in both), and on top of this you have to undertake work experience in a school/learning environment - busy right??
I've already had an interview at the Institute of Education - now part of UCL. Lets just say it went well and I got a place :) provided I pass my literacy and numeracy exams of course. But more on that later. 
More to do with Illustration and university, I also made time to go to Hifest - Hasting's Illustration festival. It was really good! It happened to be a great excuse to go to Hastings too, which is a favourite location of mine. I went with Fraser, and we made great use of the local pubs there ;)
Check out this bad boy....yet another reason I quit my job. My dissertation.
We had a couple of months to do this, but it literally took over everyones lives at university. My tutor was a really helpful lady, and I don't think I'd have been able to write it without her! For my dissertation I tied it in with my educational studies/postgraduate studies, so I began researching the idea that storytelling could be a modern resolution to learning. It was fairly interesting, but now I'm just hoping now that I've aquired a decent mark for the paper itself. If not, thats 8000 words I'll never be getting back...
And then it was Christmas! (check out my love of cacti right there) Lots of presents, booze, food and all the rest.
And then it was my birthday!! I'm officially 22 now. Which is scary right? I think? Probably not. Oh and I got even more cacti for my birthday. My house is starting to resemble Mexico.
For my birthday I booked to go to the London Dungeon - a favourite pasttime of mine. Last time I went I was a little kid, and bought myself a black rat toy (hmm). This time round it was just as good and very scary! I also bought myself a black rat toy from the gift shop...for the sake of nostalgia ;)
And I spent the rest of the holidays with Fraser :) check out the Noodoll plush he got me haha...
So anyway I'm back to university next week. I've been trying to do a few hours each night of work, on top of studying for my PGCE exams. Tough, but not too bad. 10x more relaxed than I was this time last year, which is always nice.


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