Sunday, 22 February 2015

Third Year BA Illustration Interim Show

One of the reasons I've been so tired is because I've been working towards a show with the rest of my university class. The third year of BA Illustration had to put on an Interim show which is basically a display of our work so far at this half way point, before our final show in the summer.
The opening night of the show was pretty awesome! I went with the intention of taking lots of photos, but I had way too much to drink and spent most of the night talking to people. Also, the show was packed and there were way too many people to take any decent photos.
So I had to come back on a different evening with my mum to take pictures of as much of the work as I could. I didn't have time to take photos of everything, but nonetheless it was a good show. If you fancy seeing my work, it is in this mass of photos - but I will be writing a post on this at a later date!


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