Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Final Project - Initial Character Play

As I began reading up on many different European folktales for my final project, I started creating characters from the stories I read using simple, primitive materials such as wood and cloth. Whilst these were just a starting point they were also the catalyst in helping me decide which stories I was most interested in - I was particularly fond of Hungarian and Russian folk tales, as they seemed to have very strong context and interesting protagonists. Eventually I chose to work with the tale of 'Alenoushka and her brother', which had roots in both Hungarian and Russian folklore.

"The Lazy King" - Hungarian folktale
"Kazimierz - The legend of the Jewish Wedding" - Polish folklore
"Alenoushka and her Brother" - Russian/Hungarian
"The Hedgehog" - Hungarian folklore
"Frost" - Russian folklore
"The Obstinate little Rabbit" - Hungarian folklore
"Taper-Tom who made the princess laugh" - Norwegian folklore
"The Magic Doctor" - Hungarian folklore


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