Monday, 8 June 2015

Final Project - Sketchbook Part I

As I'm writing this I'm still very tired from finishing university on Friday (which happened to be the busiest, most exhausting day of the year so far). My last day consisted of having no sleep since the Wednesday night as I worked through til dawn. I still managed to drive a car-load of work up to Crayford to pick up classmate Tracy before making the long trip to Camberwell, where we spent the remainder of the hot summer's day stressfully setting up (I brought along Fraser who was brilliant). We managed to walk 8 miles on just the Friday alone with all the setting up and walking back and forth unloading my car. Come that evening I'd promised my dad I'd go out for a meal with him which went fine until I got back to his place and fell asleep on the sofa! As you can imagine, the day after was Saturday and it consisted of just resting. I ached all over :(
Luckily I managed to scan in parts of my sketchbook from the final project a few weeks ago. The sketchbook was a study of European folk objects from my travels to Denmark, Poland and Hungary last summer, and in turn this fed into my visual primary research on the subject of European folk tales. As you might have guessed my final project had the starting point of European folk tales, but soon progressed into the study of a particular Hungarian folk tale which I shall talk about later.


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