Friday, 14 August 2015

Final Project - Characters and Sets

Eventually I settled down to one folktale to focus on  - "Alenoushka and her Brother" - which has roots in Eastern Europe and Russia. The story follows a young girl Alenoushka and her brother, who are orphans, across a barren wilderness that is plagued by a witches curse. There is no food or water, and eventually the brother is transformed into a lamb after drinking from a sheep's hoof print in the ground. The pair are rescued by a kind gentleman on a horse who takes them back to his palace where they are well fed and looked after out of his generosity. Whilst this seems suspicious (it really does ?) he is not the villain. The witch who cursed the wilderness catches up on the two children, attempting to kill Alenoushka and her brother in order to take their place in the palace by disguising herself as Alenoushka. Of course her plan goes horribly wrong and its a happy ending!
The original tale aside, I took my favourite elements from this and morphed it into my own version. I began using paper and textures to build sets, characters and objects for a stop-frame animation that would become the final project. Putting together the set was extremely difficult (paper is flimsy obviously) and working with technology is always a risk if you're working to a schedule - if something's going to go wrong, it will |:
For now, here is my work in progress. The next post will be the finished film!


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