Sunday, 16 August 2015

Final Project - Film

From producing my paper sets and characters I was able (just about) to put together the finished film. I used Dragon Frame software and an SLR camera, all set up in the makeshift studio in my dining room. My boyfriend Fraser Munro was extremely helpful and I definitely couldn't have done it without him! It was an extremely stressful project, by the time I'd produced much of the development work I only had about 2-3 weeks to film anything. Its definitely not a perfect film but I am pleased with what I produced in the time given.

As mentioned I worked with the European folktale "Alenoushka and her Brother" although I decided to change the storyline just a little. I wanted to have the widely known folklore witch Baba Yaga in the tale (legend says she lives in a house on chicken legs guarded by skeletons), obviously taking up the role of the witch who controls the wilderness. As much of my research of European folklore came from my study of toys and objects in museums across Europe, I thought that it would be suiting for the story to take place inside of Baba Yaga's toy box. In terms of the setting of the wilderness I did a lot of research on the 7 levels of the Hungarian underworld, and this idea of a world with different levels went on to become the 'wilderness' that Alenoushka and her brother (the lamb) wander through.

Anyway, the video is up on Vimeo for viewing (please watch in HD!). The music is Bjork - Human Behaviour.

"Alenoushka" Film from jasmine du rocher on Vimeo.


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