Tuesday, 18 August 2015


It feels like forever ago now that I finished my degree at Camberwell! As much as I will miss it, it definitely feels like the time to move on to other things and I'm glad it finished on a good note. I graduated with a 2:1 which was above what I needed to get onto my PGCE course and was also what I had aimed for! I was really pleased considering my mock grade earlier on in the year had been a 2:2 which left me expecting the worst.
I went in especially early to collect my letter on results day and made an effort to go sit in an empty park by myself to read my results in case they were a disaster....but they were exactly what I wanted thank god. I'm not sure my family could put up with the tearful tantrum that would've followed afterwards. But anyway, I am pleased.
I am due to start my PGCE in September - half excited, half dreading it - and already getting on with the summer coursework they've asked us to do before starting the course. Hopefully I won't regret it as much as I'm worried I will....


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