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PGCE - October part 2

So October has finally ended, can't quite believe its November already but at least that means the days are going quickly and to some extent, I must be enjoying myself? Or perhaps I've just been busy! So anyway, not long after our work with the academy school we were organised into groups to go off to a variety of London galleries with free exhibitions. We had to photograph it/document the trip and present our trip to the rest of the class when we got back that afternoon. My group went to look at the South London Gallery in Camberwell.
It was a fairly interesting gallery considering it was right next door to where I studied for three years and I'd never bothered to go and have a look! There were two exhibitions on; one by Thea Djordjadze who used the gallery to play with space, and one by Heather and Ivan Morison who displayed a douglas fir tree that had been turned into a sculpture piece with the artistic help of a special needs school in the local area of Peckham.
From our presentations of our gallery trips we then had to work on a task called 'Micro teaching'. This involved individually producing a Scheme of Work of six lessons, a Lesson Plan for the 1st lesson and a presentation of the first five minutes of the lesson. It all had to tie in to the gallery trip itself, using the trip as a starting point or as its contextual theme, so I came up with a proposed six lesson project called 'Responding to Space'. 
This was presented to the rest of the class, whilst we were individually being filmed for the purpose of re-watching and reviewing how we taught the lesson. I put together a lesson pack for each student reinforcing the lesson and a power-point presentation (see above) explaining the project, reviewing the gallery visit aswell as looking at lots of artists who work with 'space' itself.  Anyway I did my best to stay calm - the worst part was re-watching yourself on the video! It seemed to go ok, not received the feedback for this yet however, so I have no idea how well it went...
Our next workshop at the university involved being put into groups again to teach the rest of the groups how to work in a variety of A&D platforms. My platform group was Technology, and we decided to teach animation. We put together a website that was used to present to the class how to produce a stop-frame animation - my 3rd year animation was on there as an example! - and we got the class producing their own stop-frame animations. It took all afternoon but heres a mash up of all the clips that were produced:

Tech Workshop Movies from Technologyworkshop on Vimeo.
Our third workshop during the month was the least playful I guess you could involved alot of complex thinking, note-making and research.... Again we got split into groups to research the different types of A&D pedagogies and to put on a presentation to the rest of the class to present our findings. My group had to research a concept referred to as 'the event'. 

That diagram above is a sort of plan to explain what 'the event' actually is. Most of us in the group found it really hard to explain; it was very wordy, but I guess it gave us an opportunity to start looking at research and case studies. 
Nonetheless our most recent workshop was alot more fun indeed. It was run by Henry Ward and looked at 'art in the age of austerity'. The idea was to work out how you could produce art with minimal materials and money. The class was split into two rooms and given only cardboard and brown tape to work with to produce our own exhibition of objects/installations/sculptures from the two mediums.
A teepee!
This is the little house I made with another student! We got really into it and barely spoke for two hours as we were working so hard lol...the roof was a killer to do.
This was a rocket ship/plane type vehicle. Very cool.
In the other group from mine, they put together what I like to describe as a magical grotto! It was really beautiful!
They also had a little house in there too....
Workshops galore :) 
Anyway all that aside we have spent 2 weeks in our first placement schools. We have to document everything in several folders - one informal for us - and one formal for the university and the subject mentors. So far we have mostly been observing, making notes and getting to know the school itself. My school is fairly local to me, but I do have to get up really early to catch a train. So far I'm catching two trains and walking for 30 minutes one way! I'm quite happy where I am, I just hope it stays that way :)
In November I start teaching a little - just an introduction lesson in the first week, then each week my subject mentor starts adding another lesson to the schedule. I'm excited to see how it turns out this month and also a little terrified...


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