Saturday, 5 March 2016

PGCE - February part 1

Rather alot happened in February so I am again going to split the month into two posts! To start off, our essays were due in at the end of our first teaching placement. On the course we have to provide two Masters essays/projects which count towards a Masters qualification. The first essay we had to write was 5000 words in total, looking at three issues in arts education. For each issue we were required to conduct lots of research and present it as a visual article.
I looked at a variety of issues and came up with the following articles (each article is 4 pages long/1500 words each so I have only provided the first page of each article!)
When you are doing a teaching placement at the same time as this its quite difficult to balance your time, I ended up spending alot of Sundays working on this the past 4 months or so. The research itseslf was mildly interesting and came in very useful with my job interview which I will talk about more next time.
Overall I'm relieved to have completed this unit of work and handed it in - waiting for the grades to come through this month. As the PGCE course is only a pass or fail, as long as I pass the Masters unit work I should be just fine. 


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