Sunday, 1 May 2016

PGCE - April

This month has gone really quickly! I feel as if I've had very little time on my second placement... At this point I only have three weeks left until the placement ends and then I'm at the university for a month setting up an exhibition. 
Since the Easter holidays I've been teaching across Key Stage 3 - Year 7 have been looking at colour theory, Frida Kahlo and self portraits. Year 8 have been looking at illustrating the 'Jaberwocky' poem and Salvador Dali's surreal landscapes. Finally Year 9 have been looking at Aboriginal Art which is going to be part of my Curriculum Development Project, an additional project we have to do as part of our masters unit on the PGCE. I'll talk more about this next month when I have a bit more work scanned in!
Since the school I'm at havent got a working A3 colour copier I've not been able to scan in a huge amount of work as I did with my first placement, but I have managed to scan in some of my favourite work from Year 8.
As I mentioned we've been looking at Salvador Dali and surrealism. For their homework they were asked to create a double page of research in their sketchbooks. Some of the outcomes were pretty amazing, particularly the students who drew all of the artists work rather than printed it out.

It was quite interesting when creating the lesson plans for this project as previously I knew nothing about Dali -- hes a very interesting character! Unfortunately this seems to have been a recurring theme for me - I can't believe how little I knew about artist history until I did the PGCE - I've learned an awful lot in order to teach but I've enjoyed it.

After conducting research we had several lessons learning to draw Dali's painting 'The Persistence of Memory'. The students found it harder than I expected them to, but the more I thought about it the more I realised it was quite a difficult painting to draw from. I ended up having to do a quick drawing technique workshop half way through to help them but we got there in the end. I got the class to finish it for homework and most of them turned out really well.

As you can see, they demonstrated some of the contrast techniques I taught them in the drawing workshop...I was rather pleased.
As a class we are now building our own surreal landscapes on A3 paper. It's taking a little while but I'm really hoping we'll get them finished before I leave.  
I'm currently really enjoying my second placement, just as much as my first. All but one of my classes have been exceptionally wonderful right from the start - there was one class who hated me right from the beginning - but last week they miraculously and for no reason whatsoever have had a total change of heart, and I'm hoping they stick with it!

The students are great and I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the finished outcomes from my classes, particularly my Year 9 class. I'll talk more about this in May however when I have more to show.

Currently I'm working on my second essay which is the second Masters essay due on the PGCE course. Its been really difficult to understand but I'm slowly, slowlyyy getting through it. Hopefully next time I post a blog entry I'll be able to say it went ok.....


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