Thursday, 21 July 2016

PGCE - June

The last month on the PGCE! For the last four weeks we were based back at the university after finishing placement and handing in a ton of our work/folders. We were expected to produce an artwork or visual outcome and put on an exhibition. As much as I had looked forward to finishing placement and starting the visual exhibition work, as soon as I started I immediately started to lose momentum because I wanted summer holidays to start already :) It was pretty hard to drag myself out of bed and get on that HOUR long train journey everyday for four weeks.
On top of that, June was especially stressful for me as we had the EU referendum which was something I felt very strongly about (I mustve lost about 30 friends on Facebook) and prior to the outcome I had alot of sleepless nights! Anyway, chuffed with the result.
So in the end I produced two outcomes which I am mostly pleased with - a book and a set of ceramic objects.
My book was called 'Colour Play: 13 art school experiments'. The concept was looking at an alternative, modern way of teaching colour theory in the school using experiments and challenges rather than simply colouring in a colour wheel worksheet.
 I had to work very quickly to get it produced. We only had four weeks and I had to factor in at least 1 week of that for shipping time alone - as you can imagine I was super busy but I got it finished. Theres a few errors on it, unsurprisingly because I had such little time to produce something that would normally take me 8 weeks to create. But luckily it looked good enough for my exhibition and my tutors loved it.
To accompany my book I produced a set of ceramic objects to act as an alternative to the colour wheel itself. Making these was as absolute nightmare (I have never truly worked with clay, glazes or kilns before) and my tutors hated them...funnily enough I really love them which is rare of me to say when talking about my own work (I usually hate everything I make!). I was very lucky to have a great technician at the Institute of Education to help me with these - its thanks to him they actually worked!
It was only the other week that I got my results for the PGCE despite having finished nearly a month ago - I'm pleased (and surprised) to say that I got a B grade, which equates to a 2:1 (although a PGCE only shows as a PASS or FAIL on a qualification certificate). I'm surprised I passed because the last essay we had to submit was almost impossible to understand but somehow I actually did it.

And to all those former PGCE students on the internet moaning about how it was the most difficult year of their life - gtfo.



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