Sunday, 27 November 2016

Autumn Kitchenware

More recently I designed some teatowels featuring an Autumnal theme. The lucky thing about being a teacher is I get 12 weeks off a year so I found the time to design and produce these during the October half term. These are my first designs on fabric and were produced through a company called Bags of Love. They also made the name labels for me! However I had to stitch them on seperately.
My first design - a collection of squash and pumpkins. I designed this by creating linoprints of squash and pumpkins, scanning in the prints and colouring them digitally with Photoshop.
My floral design was actually started earlier on in the year, I drew and cut out floral shapes but never truly did anything with them until this half term. I scanned them in and again digitally painted them in Photoshop. My brother reckons they look pretty Hungarian which was unintentional but I'm happy with a remark like that either way.


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