Saturday, 24 December 2016

Dala Horse Christmas card

For christmas I decided to design a holiday greetings card using imagery I created in the summer but never got round to using. I wanted to avoid traditional Christmassy imagery and opted to use things I had seen on previous trips to Scandinavia and eastern Europe as inspo. 
The card was produced using a combination of paints and photoshop and features two Dala horses.
The Dala horse is a traditional carved, painted wooden horse statuette originating in Swedish province Dalarna (Dalecarlia). In the old days the Dalecarlian horse was mostly used as a toy for children; in modern times it has become a symbol of Dalarna, as well as Sweden in general.
Once again I had my cards produced with a company called MOO and have sent them to quite a few people already this Christmas! Would definitely continue working with them to print up my cards, the paper they use has a lovely matte finish which works quite nicely with my illustrations (thankfully).


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